Nerd Violence!

by Ren Min Beats

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This is the first album of a back-to-back release. The second album entitled Remixed! Remastered! Retarded! will be out November 12th.


released November 5, 2013

Produced and Mixed by Ren Min Beats
Mastered by Clem Pony of the Horses
Tracks 6 and 8 include original rhymes by Clem Balanoff

SOURCES: This album makes use of copyrighted recordings usually without permission. Please support the following artists who were unlucky enough to have me manipulate their otherwise wonderful art:

(in order of appearance, no repeats): Gentle Giant, Bach, Schoenberg, Collective Soul, Lil Jon and the East Side Boys, INXS, MC Hammer, Friend or Foe, Dizzie Rascal, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Shostakovich, Goodie Mob, Paul Wall, Trina, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Stravinsky, The Rites of Spring, Miles Davis, King Crimson, Master P, Rush, Czar-nok, E-40, Lil Flip, and Miss Britney Spears.

(Non-music sources):, Boya Chinese, Japanese Made Easy - Tuttle Books, Pimsleur Portuguese, and Learn German in Your Car - Henry Raymond

photo by roses <3



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ren Min Beats Shanghai, China

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Track Name: Violent Intro
SOURCES: Gentle Giant / Boya Chinese / / Bach / Schoenberg
Track Name: Collective Soulja Pt2: Georgia's Finest
SOURCES: Collective Soul, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys
Track Name: Excessive Touching (I Don't Wanna Touch It But I Need It Remix)
SOURCES: INXS, MC Hammer, Friend or Foe
This is a remix of the song "I Don't Want To Touch It But I Need It" by Shanghai band Friend or Foe.
Track Name: Mother Tongue
SOURCES: Dizzie Rascal / Queen / Led Zeppelin
includes renditions of God Save the Queen and Star Spangled Banner
Track Name: Shanghai Love Song (Duo Shao Qian)
SOURCES: Boya Chinese / Shostakovitch / Goodie Mob / Paul Wall / Trina / Ludacris / Rick Ross
includes rendition of March of the Volunteers
Track Name: Another Rite of Spring
SOURCES: Stravinsky / The Rites of Spring
Original rhymes by Clem Balanoff
Track Name: D'yer Pan'er
SOURCES: Japanese Made Easy (Tuttle Books)
Track Name: Oxygen
Original rhymes by Clem Balanoff
Track Name: The Crimson Dub
SOURCES: King Crimson / Master P / Pimsleur Portuguese
Track Name: Bäckerei
SOURCES: / Learn German in Your Car - Henry Raymond
Track Name: Oops! I Flipped it Again
SOURCES: Rush / Britney Spears / E-40 / Czar-nok / Lil Flip